Monday, July 25, 2011

Easter Lily Quilt

I've been working on a quilt since July 4th weekend. I sewed 24 blocks that weekend, then spent the following week deciding if I should go the full 36 blocks for a queen size and thought, may as well. So a Friday evening of cutting 12 more blocks. A sit and sew at the library with the local guild and over 10 hours of machine quilting and it's almost done. Linda at BEE QUILTED did the quilting, I had input on the design and she even let me run the machine a little. And it's still work, a lot of work. Now I just need miles of binding, sew it on and slip stitch the other side.

This is my second quilt, the first one hasn't been quilted yet,
so now I need to read up on just exactly how you do this binding stuff, especially at the corners, though I imagine it's similar to finishing my rugs.

So whoala, my masterpiece, I'm considering stitching on seed pearls for either the eyes on the humming bird, stamens on the petals, or both.