Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have two tops finished. I just need to sandwich them and quilt em. They will be my first attempt at machine quilting. This is from the scraps from the wedding quilt. The delectable mountain blocks made in a weird fashion that makes blocks that aren't square. So this was the layout I came up with.I should probably practice on pot holders first. Will that happen? It's doubtful. If I can get these sandwiched this weekend, I'll be quilting em next week/weekend.

And I have another all cut up ready to sew. Except I have to check all my pieces before I sew because I was on heavy duty prescription pain killers when I cut it up. I did have the good sense to leave myself a note that says: "double check everything, you were on pain pills and muscle relaxers when cut out." I had forgotten about the muscle relaxers.

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