Sunday, October 20, 2013

2013 Quilt for a Vet

This year at my quilt guild meeting I was given a stack of cut up men's shirts to make into a quilt.
So I came home, sewed em all together, one big strip, then divided it into 6 equal strips, added some sashing, sewed on Thursday until I ran out of bobbin.

I figured it wouldn't take long in the morning to finish up. Then I couldn't use any of the backing pieces I wanted so i used a piece of my fabric for the back but I couldn't make the sandwich due to the fumes bing bothersome to some.  So I got the keys to the building and came back Friday evening and put the standwich together and started quilting.

Saturday I sewed the binding on, got two movies, started on a long side and when I got to the corner I discovered I had done something goofy and had to take the binding off the other three sides.  Sunday I went back to the library, where my machine has been since Friday and sewed the binding on again.  I'm almost done sewing the binding on.


Last year I was afraid to attempt machine quilting so I hand quilted my Veterans quilt.  And it seems I have no pictures of a quilt I not only hand quilted, but gave away.   That just doesn't seem right.  hmm, found one from an email, this is last years before I hand quilted it.
I think I should work on collecting my fabrics myself in the future.

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